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3 Amazing DIY Bracelet Ideas that You Can Make Using Ribbons and Beads

3 Amazing DIY Bracelet Ideas that You Can Make Using Ribbons and Beads

Making a bracelet is a fun DIY craft project because it is easy to learn, easy to take with you anywhere, and easy to share with your friends. It is definitely one of those rites of passage activities that you can do at sleepovers and summer camps.

They also make great gifts for your best friends. It is ideal to find one of the best wedding and craft product suppliers for buying ribbons, fabrics, table runners, chair covers, favor bags, and many others at wholesale prices. Below, I’m going to share some DIY ideas to make your own bracelets.

  1. Ribbons and Beads Bracelet

Materials and Tools:

  • Glass crystal beads
  • Ribbon
  • Lighter


Step 1: Starting the Bracelet

First, use a lighter for burning the ribbon ends slightly and then slide a glass bead onto the ribbon.

Step 2: Tie the Knots

In this step, first, hold the ribbon and form a loop. After that, pass the upper end through the loop, from the back. And then pull all split ends securely and tie an oversewn knot on the other side of the bead.

Step 3: Slide Other Beads onto the Ribbon

Now, continue to slide beads and tie knots and you will get the item.

  1. Elegant Bangle Bracelets

Supplies That You Will Need:

  • Stain ribbons
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Needle and thread
  • Seed beads

How to Make:

  • First, take a 1-inch-wide satin ribbon and put on a small amount of craft glue on its superiority. Now, stick the glued portion of the ribbon inside the bangle. And then merely wrap the satin ribbon around the bangle correctly.
  • When you are completed covering the first satin ribbon take a dissimilar colored thin satin ribbon. After that, use glue and wrap it around the bangle but retain small gaps between each wrap. After accomplishing the end trim, the additional ribbon and glue the finish of the inside of the bangle.
  • Now, prepare your needle and thread. Draw the needle from the inside of the bangle and draw a knot with the ribbon. And then take the needle to the edge of the bangle. Pullout seed beads into the strand over the needle. When the beading reaches the size of the bangle’s size stop beading.
  • In this step, draw the needle from the edge to the reverse edge of the bangles from behind. Draw the needle crossways.
  • After that, draw and wrench the needle through the ribbon for pulling down the decorated part of the thread with the bangle. Again, bead correspondingly and endure to do the same up until you reach the other end. After accomplishing the end tie 2 knots at the behind of the bangle with the ribbon and cut out the additional thread.
  • At last, apply a drop of glue on the knot for ensuring that it’s secure. You can also make different patterns using dissimilar ribbons and beads.


  1. DIY Cute Bow Bracelet

To Make Bow Bracelets You Will Need:

  • Peral beads
  • One-inch width satin ribbon
  • Elastic threads
  • Threads and hooks
  • White Glue
  • Scissors

Tips to Make Bow:

  • Cut an amount of satin lace and fold it into half and glue the sides wait to dry it completely.
  • After drying the glue, take the creased satin lace and place the attached side in the bottom of the folded lace.
  • After that, begin folding the lace in the middle for making a bow and press the center of the bow.
  • Now, take the matching thread for tying a knot in the middle of the bow and attach a small bead in the middle.

Instructions to Make Bracelet:

  • Begin by threading half of the beads into the elastic thread, and then thread it into the hook.
  • After that, thread the bow vertically into the elastic thread as shown in the picture.
  • At last, thread the rest of the beads into the elastic and carefully tie a tight knot for completing the bracelet.

These are some different types of bracelets that you can make using ribbons and beads. You can find a wholesale wedding and craft product supplier for buying ribbons, fabrics, deco mesh, chair covers, table skirts, and many others.

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