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3 Creative Ways to Use Grosgrain Ribbon at Home

3 Creative Ways to Use Grosgrain Ribbon at Home

Since the 16th century, grosgrain has been popularly used for women’s clothes, such as petticoats, jackets, and more. Sooner, it became an ideal alternative to silk and smooth-woven wool. Women can’t stop appreciating this fabric because of its rich appearance, flexible fabric blend, and multiple uses.

If you’re more into DIY and craft projects, you can buy a grosgrain ribbon by the yard and use it in a variety of ways to create an inspirational work of art. It retains matte texture, a vibrant look, and is incredibly durable. 

Let’s understand how you can use grosgrain ribbons at home for weekend fun.

Ribbon keychain

A ribbon tassel keychain is a great way to use scraps of ribbon that you don't want to throw away since we usually like the design so much. Simply connect the ribbon strands to a metal ring to create a lovely keychain that you'll never lose in your purse. 

Wall hanging 

This project is perfect for anyone who enjoys bohemian-style home design. Tie a row of neutral or pastel-colored ribbons on a branch. To add bling and an extra pop of fun, sew antique keys, beads, or diamonds into the cloth strips. What an innovative and cost-effective method to decorate your home's walls!

Patterned hair bows 

This form of bow can be made with any type of ribbon fabric or pattern. As a finishing touch, you might wish to add an accent to the middle of the bow. Pick a bow in the right size, whether you prefer it extra big and sassy or sleek and simple. This bow design is suitable for both tiny and large bows. Once you've decided on the size you want, multiply the length by two and add one inch to get the amount of material you'll need to build your bow. 

Cut the ribbon to the appropriate length. After cutting your ribbon, loop it into a circle, allowing the two edges to overlap by 12 inches (1.3 cm).

Push your threaded needle through the bottom and drag it through the top, holding the overlapping sides in place. Then, numerous times around the center of the bow with the threaded needle, crease the middle of the bow together in the center. Finish by tying off your threaded needle. 

Push your threaded needle into the top of the bow and draw it out through the bottom once the thread has a firm grip in the center. To protect the needle from pulling back through the thread, cut it off and tie a knot in the remaining thread. 

Voila, now you have your cute bow ready! You can add an additional piece of cloth by wrapping it around the center to hide your thread if desired. You can also add any type of adornment to the center of the bow by simply gluing it on. Your bow is ready to wear once it has dried.


You might have usually come across many craft projects and DIYs, and nothing could be the best time than now to showcase your creative skills. You can use grosgrain ribbon in many ways and create a masterpiece that everyone will adore. 

Hopefully, these above-listed ways might help you use scraps of ribbon and take your creative traits to the next level.

Happy Crafting!

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