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4 Best Ways to Style Your Hair with Organza Ruffle Ribbon

4 Best Ways to Style Your Hair with Organza Ruffle Ribbon

The idea of placing ribbons in your hair to complement cute dresses and even boring outfits is rapidly becoming popular amongst the public. Hair is, after all, a strong form of self-expression, and what easier (and more cost-effective) way to liven up your luscious tresses than with an oh-so-elegant organza ruffle ribbon victorian look?

Continue reading for a list of the 4 best ribbon hairstyles.

1. Classic bow tie on ponytail
A ponytail with a traditional bow is a timeless design that flatters everyone. On a bad hair day, want to add a little bit of sprinkles on your hair? As a ribbon hair tie, tie on a lovely organza ruffle ribbon! We can even notice how Japanese fashion industry is effortlessly styling ribbons as their main fashion accessory and ribbons still haven’t lost their sparkle to this day. Ribbons' delicate texture contrasts beautifully with any kind of hair texture making a simple haircut like the ponytail instantly more intriguing and exquisite.

2. Wrap around your half bun
To embellish a topknot or bun, wrap a ribbon over it. Make a little bun or topknot with the top part of your hair, or a bun with all of your hair on top of your head. Tie a ribbon around your bun and make a bow after securing it with a hair elastic.

3. Ribbon headband
A ribbon headband transports you to a time when headband hairstyles were all the rage! If you swipe pictures of a retro red ribbon with a wavy fringe then you can easily score a vintage 50s or 60s hair design. Headbands with ribbons are daring, feminine, and a must-try fashion statement. This is a hairstyle for when you want to keep your hair down but add a hair bow for added style. Different patterns and ribbon widths can easily be added to your ribbon headband.

4. Braid with a bottom ribbon tie
Tie a ribbon at the end of your braids, whether they're three-strand, fishtail, French, or whatever. Braid your hair in two French braids or one long braid down the back of your head, whatever you want. Tie the ribbon over the braid's end, covering the elastic, and secure it with a hair elastic.

With the help of these simple hair tie suggestions you can easily spice up your daily hair looks without spending a ton of time on the hairstyle. Just wrap these organza ruffle ribbons around any hairstyle and you are good to go! Check out our range of exclusive organza ruffle ribbons for giving your hair a pop of color today!

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