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4 Different Ways to Use Ribbon as a Clothing Accessory

4 Different Ways to Use Ribbon as a Clothing Accessory

Ribbons are something that you can easily get from anywhere; even everyone has an extra ribbon roll available in their home. Ever wondered how to use ribbons in a unique way for your clothing? Ribbons are currently one of the most versatile materials-from decorating gifts to decorating invitations and even dressing up your hairstyle, they can help you do everything. One of the best ways to use decorative tape is to add it to clothes. Ribbons can make clothing more fashionable and festive, and there are many easy ways to apply them without the help of professional designers.



Are you thinking to try ribbon as a clothing accessory? You can buy different types of ribbons for sale online at affordable prices. Here are some of the different ways of to use ribbon as a clothing accessory to give a unique and stylish look.

Ribbon Sweater or Top Tie

If your top or sweater has a V-neck design in the back or front, then you can add ribbon to make it more elegant and unique.

   Choose a ribbon that matches your top or sweater and use it to tie. The best ribbons to use to do this are soft, thick ribbons, I suggest to use Satin ribbons as it can be tied and released easily.

  Measure and cut two 2-inch pieces of ribbon.

  Turn the sweater inwards. If you have a needle & thread or sewing machine, sew the edge of the ribbon to one side of the "V” of the sweater. We recommend sewing about ½ - 1 inch of ribbon on the top of the V, allowing the rest of the ribbon to hang down (this can be used to tie and make a bow shape design).

  Follow same process with another piece of ribbon on the other side of the “V” shape.

  Flip the sweater so that it is right-side-out, and then wear the sweater with a V-neck from behind. Tie the ribbon into a bow, and you have a charming, unique style of sweater or top to wear.


Ribbon Hat Band

Are you going out for vacations? Do you want a different look? You must need a straw hat to keep the sun off from your face. Let’s try something different with your hat. Add some colorful ribbon bow or tie your hat with ribbons to give glamour and stylish look. You can dress up the hat by tie up
a satin ribbon on it, making it more interesting.

  First, choose the ribbons you want to use on your hat, such as monochrome grosgrain ribbons. You will need approximately two meters of ribbons.

  Measure the circumference of the part of the hat that fits on your head, then cut the ribbon to that length, add a little bit extra to tie a knot or make a bow.

  Wrap the ribbon you cut on the hat, and fix both ends of the ribbons at the back of the hat using a hot glue gun.

  After fixing the ribbon to the hat, take the remaining or extra ribbon and tie it to make a bow. Keep the tail of the bow long enough for it to flow through the back of the cap when you wear it.

  Use a hot glue gun to fix the bow where the ends of the strap are fixed. This should cover where you stick the tape's cutting edge, providing a smooth, professional, and elegant look.

You can also make a bridal dress or gown using tulle fabric. Thinking where to buy tulle fabric? You can buy ribbons in wholesale from any reliable supplier.

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