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4 Easy and Fun Crafts You Can Do with Burlap Fabric

4 Easy and Fun Crafts You Can Do with Burlap Fabric

When people think of burlap it’s generally not in line with fashionable decor. After all, burlap is for potato sacks and centuries-old farmstead life, right? Not to any further extent! With the countryside aesthetic still going stout in the domestic design world, burlap shades are making their way into the most cultured interiors.

From accessories to upholstery covers, no space is moreover chic to advantage from a touch of country magnificence. There are different types of crafts that you can make using burlap. Below, I’m going to share some easy and fun crafts that you can make with burlap.

  1. Burlap Planter

For making this cute little planter, you will need one yard of burlap, one 16-inch coco liner, potting soil, one-fourth yard of heavy white fabric, and plants and flowers. Start by laying down the burlap and place the liner in the center. After that, add some potting soil to the bottom of the liner and then add the plants.

You should carefully pull off four corners of the burlap up over the plants. Now, take white fabric and tie it loosely around the base of the plants just over the planter.

  1. Burlap Flowers

For making flowers you will need to gather florist tape, gauge wire, burlap, and flower centers. Begin by placing the flower on the top of the wire and covering the end with tape and then endure until you have entirely enclosed the wire.

Cut three squares of burlap, fold it in half, and then press. Now, start to form it into a petal and wrap the tape around it. Repeat this process to make four petals and then attach them to the wire stem.

  1. Burlap Placements

This DIY project is so simple to make. Take some burlap fabric and then cut it into rectangular pieces. After that, lightly pull one thread at a time for making a fringe around the placemat. Now, apply fabric glue to the underside of the placement and let it dry completely. At last, start customizing your placements using a marker.

  1. Burlap Table Runner

For making a burlap table runner you will need burlap fabric, all-purpose craft paint, a stencil of your choice, foam brushes, and masking tape. For making this craft, fold your burlap in half and run a piece of masking tape along the edges for preventing them from fraying. After that, take the stencil and place it in the middle of the runner. Tape your runner and start painting. You should move the stencil and repeat the process.

These are some easy and fun craft ideas that you can do with your burlap. You can find a reputed online fabric store for buying grosgrain ribbon, burlap ribbon, tulle fabric, chair cover, table skirt, and many others at reasonable prices.

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