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5 Gorgeous Ways to use Tulle Fabric Throughout Your Wedding

5 Gorgeous Ways to use Tulle Fabric Throughout Your Wedding

Couples like tulle wedding decoration because this sheer fabric provides a modest elegance to décor without adding a big bill. It goes from inside to out and from the ritual to the reception, offering a consistent look to the whole event. Ceremonies held in spiritual buildings may not need extreme adornment.

Other indoor locations like banquet halls, may need embellishments brought in, and outdoor locations might require hiring a few weather-related flaws. Tulle is one of the most affordable choices for all of these applications. Below, I’m going to share some tulle fabric decoration ideas that you must try.

  1. Altar Décor and Pew Bows

You can cover the altar area and table at the front of the ceremony with tulle. This fabric can also be used for covering altar flower arrangements. You can also add tulle wedding bows to the ends of each pew or chair, with or without floras or candles.

  1. Banisters, Stairs, and Railings

Although the altar area or front of the ritual and seating is communal places to add tulle, you can include them in other parts of the ceremony.

  • Dangle small white wedding lights in assembled tulle swags above doors and windows.
  • Gallery railings, both inside and out, can have tulle wounds from place-to-place posts.
  • Beautifying banisters with tulle are simply done and permits the bride for making a grand entrance.


  1. Entrances and Archways

Dangle tulle from the ceiling at entries to indoor formalities. At outdoor rituals, it's communal to have covers or bridal arches; use tulle to beautify the posts, adding flowers, poms, and foliage to boost the design.

  1. Ceremony Accessories

However most ritual decorations are frequently meant to be used as-is, you can complement a little customization with tulle. Do this by:

  • Securing a tulle bow onto the floret girl basket
  • Snuggling the guest book in tulle
  • Using tulle in the wedding ceremony program
  • Lashing rings to the ring bearer pillow with tulle
  • Cover hampers for favors, corsages, nd plans


  1. Tulle Backdrops and Walls

Not every wedding reception place has attractive walls to mantle your festivities. If this is the case, you'll want to balance tulle to walls and make tulle wedding backgrounds behindhand the head table. You can mix tulle with satin and other fabrics for a renewed look. White, gray, black, tan, and navy make outstanding neutral backgrounds that display colorful linens, flowers, and other embellishments.

These are some amazing ways to use tulle throughout your wedding. You can find an online fabric store to buying different types of ribbons, fabrics, table runners, chair covers, and many others at the finest prices.

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