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6 Amazing Wedding Car Decoration Ideas That You Can Consider


The bridal ceremony or the goodbye ceremony for the passing has always been an important aspect and for making this moment more special, the decorated car has always been a traditional and classy way for the most memorable farewell.

Over the years car décor has evolved a lot. People use flowers, ribbons like tulle bolt, fabrics and many other décor elements for decorating the car. Now, it is being given more consideration and assumed so that they match with and balance with the whole theme of the wedding.

6 Fabulous Wedding Car Decoration Ideas That You Can Consider

Here are a few ideas to take inspiration from for the perfect décor for your wedding car:

1. Floral Wreath

Floral wreaths are a long-established décor piece for weddings and look absolutely gorgeous. Adding a floral wreath of white roses or lilies or a lot of colorful flowers with some greens will look neat and beautiful. And it’s also an amazing way for car decoration with flowers.

Floral Wreath

2. Fabrics Along With Roses

Using a little something else with flower maintains balance and also enhances the charm. And adding a fabric piece with some quotes, a simple “just married” sign or the bride and groom initials would look good. You should make sure to use fabric like satin, silk, and velvet.

3. Ribbons Bows

You can use a wider ribbon of sheer fabric for making a huge bow with some flowers for a classic kind of vibe for your car decoration. In this situation, a huge bow fixed to the hook or the trunk of the car will give the vehicle an absolutely divine look.

3. Ribbons Bows

4. Ribbons Across the Car Body

You can use and run ribbons by the yard through one side of the car to the other side for a shiny and stylish look. You can also put the ribbons along the sides of the car by turning them into a small bow.

5. Draping Tulle Ribbons

Ribbons made out of tulle fabric are extremely popular for wedding car decorations. You can drape a tulle fabric in a slant to one or both sides of the hood of the car to create a chic look for the wedding car.

2. Fabrics Along With Roses

6. Balloons Car Decoration

Balloons can make your wedding car decoration dainty and cute if you’re choosing it correctly. You can use a normal rubber balloon for decorating the wedding car.

These are some wedding car decoration ideas that you can take to embellish your wedding day vehicle in cool and promising ways. You can use a lot of décor materials like ribbons, poly deco mesh, fabrics, tulle and others for decorating your wedding car in numerous ways as you imagine. 

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