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7 Easy and Unique Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Spooky Home


Halloween brings out the kid in most of us and this is the most delightful holiday for anyone who enjoys a good scare or mischievous prank. And decoration for Halloween is one of the most interesting and fun ways to get into the spirit of the holiday.

If you like elegant décor, humorous knick-knacks or real horror show stage setting then Halloween decoration ideas are right for you. Here are some ideas that you will like:

7 Easy and Unique Halloween Decoration Ideas for the Spooky Home


1. Skull Explosion

A skull explosion is an elegant decoration with a macabre sensibility, so you can get started with a hollow skull form. First, fill it up with black dirt and take some flowers, like deep red roses and you can also make a red rose by using satin ribbon red, purple orchids, and white daisies. After that, arrange the flower in the top of the skull and stick them into the dirt so that they appear to be exploding out of the skull.

2. Black Wreath

To a Halloween party, you can put a black wreath on your door to welcome guests. And for the base of the wreath, you can use a grapevine wreath spray painted black. After that, add black bat cut-outs and a deep gold satin ribbon. If you want an extra-spooky touch then add plastic eyeballs among the decorations.

3. Painted Pumpkins

You may know, pumpkins are a wonderful symbol of Halloween. And there is a great thing about pumpkin; many of them are just as nice for the whole fall season. For making black pumpkins and metallic gold pumpkins, you can use spray paint. Then stack them up in a group to make an elegant decoration for your patio or entryway.

4. Hanging Ghosts

Make hanging ghosts using nylon tulle fabric. Get some tulle fabric at the fabric store and wrap them around foam balls then place sewing pins on the heads of the ghosts for little eyes.

5. Simple Stairway Décor

There are numerous ways to spook up your stairway. For this, you can drape a long, black gauzy scarf along the banister to give the impression of cobwebs. After that, hold the scarf in place by setting a glowing skull or pumpkin on its end and top of the newel post.

6. Black Candle Magic

There are several ways you can use black candles to create a frightening ambience, and you can use black tapers in the dark pewter candleholders. Or you can also tie straight black or red candles with a black cord to create the effect of a bundle of dynamite.

7. Splashes of Oranges

You can dress up your dark dungeon of Halloween horrors with bright splashes of orange. Set vases around the room and fill them with the orange flowers.

These are the some Halloween decoration ideas that you can use for your Halloween party. Just like this, if you want to make your wedding vision rustic or modern use the flower girl baskets in your wedding.

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