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7 Easy, Inexpensive and Delightful Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas

7 Easy, Inexpensive and Delightful Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas


When it comes to Valentine’s Day, giving a great surprise will not only elate them but will fill you with pleasure as well. And what better than a handcrafted gift for your partner? Here, we are giving you some great DIY gift ideas to try out for that day. 


Valentine’s is right the corner and it won’t come as a surprise to you if we say that for the past few days or weeks you would have been struggling to find that right gif for your partner. Whilst there are many options in the market, most of them would sound to you simple and repetitive which might not give you the vibe that your gift is a unique proposition and would definitely surprise your partner. 

So, what way you can have your gift idea on the paper and in reality that will definitely spruce up the feel and affection that you share with your partner? By having a gift made or personalized by you. Yes, DIY gifts are a trend and what better way than expressing your love in the most personalized manner. It will not only be something that your partner will love but will also make them value your time and effort to design and prepare that gift. 

How to Go About Creating a DIY Gift? 

It is as simple it sounds, it is an endless platform that you can explore; however it is something that does need a bit of imagination from your end. You can use from a number of décor and design materials including organza ribbon, and more that could be put to great use to craft an adorable gift outcome. 

Here are some exceptional, yet easy to make DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you to try: 

1. Tulle Valentine’s Day Wreath 

Tulle Valentine’s Day Wreath

Why not start with creating a perfect entrance for your partner to the premise (this craft is better if you are arranging for a date at your home), enchanting them with a beautiful door wreath made using tulle circle, that gives that warm feel. 

2.  Candy as Heart Ring 

Candy as Heart Ring

While you might have had or would be planning to propose to your partner using a ring, having a little something on this line for the Valentine’s Day would be a great idea. Create a candy heart ring that exudes love and charm. 

3.  Garland in Heart Shape 

This is a great décor and craft idea that doesn’t cost too much on the pocket. You can pick different colored papers in red, pink and using some other colors also and hang them through ceiling, embellish on the cube, display on the mantel and so. 

4.  Gift Wrapping 

May be you would have picked a unique gift for your partner from the market or online. However, you can bring the uniqueness and design excellence in a personalized way on how you present that to your partner. Pick some patterned and colored papers or ribbons and beautifully dress the gift box creating a paper flower. 

5.  Yarn or Rattail Cord Wrapped Hearts 

This one is simple and easy to create heart and takes just a few minutes of your time, whilst giving you something beautiful and adorable in the end. You can pick leftover yarn, or try out red or pink rattail cord in 2mm or other size, wrap them properly in a heart-shape and your craft is complete. 

6.  Custom-Crafted Jewelry Box 

Does your partner love jewelry but not have anything good in place to organize them? Are you looking to present your partner with some jewelry? Get a jewelry box customized specific to that purpose and have it decorated on the outside with a sweet message, a photo of you both. 

7.  Candy Jar 

Candy Jar

What is sweeter than you presenting your partner with heart-shaped different types of candies, all gathered, wrapped in colorful paper in a mason jar. And make sure to gift wrap the mason jar with a ribbon art. 


So here you are; with a list of curated ideas that will provide you with some inexpensive, creative, easy and delightful valentine gift ideas. Apart from these, you can look for many more such decorative and gift ideas for the Valentine’s Day function or meet using items like polyester round tablecloth and much more. 

About the Author: 

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