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7 Wonderful DIY Crafts That You Can Make for Multiple Purposes Using Ribbons


Ribbons are an inexpensive craft material that can be used in a lot of various crafts. It comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and fabrics that make them the most popular choice for crafts and decoration. Ribbons are used for various purposes including gift wrapping, wedding decorations, making a bow, and many others.

You can also make holiday home decor crafts for your kids including accessories, toys, and others that you like. It is ideal to find a craft product supplier for buying wholesale ribbons, fabrics, tablecloths, chair covers, and many others. Here I'm going to share some DIY crafts that are affordable and cool and you can make these crafts with your kids.

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1.     Make a Gift Wrap

You can make a gif warp with kids for crating fun. This is very easy to make and will help your child in developing creativity a lot. This DIY craft will also not take too much time.

2.     Ribbons Wand

Ribbons wand is great to move, dance, and play outside. For making this, you only need glue, a stick, ribbon, and wooden beads. It will take just some minutes.

3.     Make a Rainbow Cloud

Wall decor gives a nice finish to a room, so you can make a beautiful and colorful rainbow cloud using different types of ribbons for decorating your kid's room.

4.     Curly Ribbons Hair Bows

You can make a beautiful curly ribbons hair bows for your little princess. For making this, wrap the ribbon tightly around the wooden dowels and use clothespins at either end of the dowels for keeping the ribbon secure.

5.     Ribbons Pull Board

The ribbon pull board is very simple to make and also motivating fine motor practice for kids. You can use a pegboard to crate this exploration easily and fastly. Thread ribbons of different patterns, textures, sizes, and lengths through the pegboard before standing it up.

6.     Weaving With Popsicle Sticks And Ribbon

Kids learn a lot of new things when they take part in weaving activities and crafts. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to discover patterns and textures and also to encourage growth in fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

7.     Dancing Ribbon Rings for Kids

This is one of the most amazing and fun homemade crafts for music and movement. This homemade toy is great for both outdoor and indoor play and also inspires all types of twirling, dancing, and imaginative play.

These are some amazing DIY crafts that you can make using ribbons for your kid. You can find one of the best fabric suppliers for buying a wide range of ribbons, chair covers, organza fabric, tulle fabric, deco mesh and other craft and wedding supplies at wholesale prices.

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