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A Quick and Easy DIY of Ribbon Rainbow Wall Hanging


Making different things with art and crafts materials can be a fun activity. If you are an art enthusiast, then most of the times people find you creating some art. It’s time to stun everyone with your artistic talent. A rainbow wall hanging will look spectacular in your child’s room. Let’s discuss a quick and simple DIY for ribbon rainbow wall hanging.

A Quick and Easy DIY of Ribbon Rainbow Wall Hanging

For this you need- white cotton balls, white cloud printout, cardboard, hot glue gun and colorful wholesale satin ribbons.

Easy DIY of Ribbon Rainbow Wall Hanging

  1. First, take a print out of a cloud, or you can also take a plain white paper and cut it in the cloud’s shape, then glue it to your cardboard.
  1. Paste cotton balls onto a cloud and start filling the white space.
  1. Glue a string to the back of the cardboard cloud.
  1. Decide how much length you want for the ribbons to hang down from your cloud and cut 4 of every color ribbon a few inches longer than an actual measurement
  1. Decide a color order, paste the colours across the bottom back of your cloud and ensure to reverse the color order.
  1. Hang your rainbow in the desired spot and then use scissors to chop the ribbons at an angle with the most extended ribbon in each set being the one at the back and the shortest ones being the ones hanging in the front.

Easy DIY of Ribbon Rainbow Wall Hanging Step 2

Ribbon rainbow wall hanging is a perfect piece of decoration for your child’s room. Children get attracted when they see beautiful and bright colors. By using this wall hanging, you can teach your kids about different colors. All you have to do is use the ribbons of as many colors as you want. It’s a fun way to educate your kids.

A Quick and Easy DIY of Ribbon Rainbow Wall Hanging - Final Step

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Creating a Ribbon Rainbow Wall Hanging is definitely not a tiresome task. All you have to do is follow the easy steps that are mentioned above. If you want to make some modifications in it, then you can paste a picture of you and your baby on it, decorate it with ribbon flowers, paste pictures of different animals/fruits, or follow some other creative idea. Give wings to your creativity with the basic art & craft supplies.

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