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Explore the Methods On How To Make A Skirt From Tulle Fabric


We do not want to make compromises with our clothes. From accessories to clothes, we desire that everything needs to be perfect. Halloween has just passed and Christmas is around the corner, so if you want to look fabulous, then design a voluminous Tutu Skirt for yourself.

A Skirt From Tulle Fabric

To make a Tutu skirt, get good quality, right size tulle fabric, like 54-inch tulle, or so, specific to how big the skirt needs to be created. Given below are the few instructions that a seeker needs to follow to create a Tutu Skirt

  1. Designing a no-sew Tutu: A lot of tulle is required to make a tutu that can be worn easily. If you want to make small tutu skirt for a child, then use tulle fabric between 2-4 yards (1.8-3.7m). For a medium tutu, 5-7 yards (4.6-6.4m) of tulle will be used. A large tutu can be created by using 8-10 yards (7.3-9.1m) of tulle.
  1. Make your waistband: Take a satin ribbon from a wholesale market that is at least 1/2 inch thick and should be wire-free in a shade that matches the tulle. Wrap it around your waist where you want the tutu to settle, and add an extra 2 feet (0.6m) of length before cutting.
  1. Cut your tulle into strips: Lay your tulle on a flat surface, and cut it into dozens of long strips measuring between 2-4 inches (5.1-10.2cm) in breadth. For a fluffier, fleecy skirt, use wide strips. To create a tutu that lays down a bit more and looks more intricate, use thin strips of fabric.
  1. Fold the strips in half: If you want to add the tulle strips to the ribbon, they must be folded in half first. You can opt to do this as you work or fold all of them in half at the get-go. This should leave two tail ends together at one end with a loop at the other.
  1. Add your first strip: Place a half-folded strip over the top of the ribbon. Move it so that the loop coincide the ribbon with about 2 inches (5.1 cm) sticking out over the top. Wrap ends of the tail in the opposite direction away from the loop, and then pull them around and through the loop over the top of the ribbon.

steps to make tulle skirt

  1. Add additional strips: Carry on with the process of adding strips. Pull the tail ends tight to lessen the ‘knot’ around the ribbon and to make space for other pieces, then slide them together at the same time to keep the tutu organized.
  1. Finishing touch: Take a ribbon of 1foot (0.3m) on either end that can be used as ties for the skirt, after adding plenty of tulle strips, so that ribbon gets completely covered except for this two tail ends, your tutu is done.

Tulle Skirt

So, buy right size tulle, like 6 tulle rolls 100 yards, or specific to your requirement to create a beautiful tut skirt as per your need.


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