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How to Create a Beautiful DIY Rolly Rosette with Tulle Fabric!


Firstly, composed in the Tulle city of France, Tulle is a lightweight, beautiful netting fabric. It is made from various fibers including silk, nylon, and rayon. Tulle is most commonly used for veils, gowns (particularly wedding gowns), and ballet tutus, along with several other craft and décor purposes.

Here, we will discuss how to make a beautiful Rolly Rosette with the dot tulle fabric. You will require few long strips of tulle, a piece of felt that goes well with tulle, pearl beads, pin or clip and a hot glue gun.

DIY Rolly Rosette

Steps to Make:

  • Cut the fabric about 1-2 inches wide and as long as you can. You can cut as per the size you want to of your rose. Cut the felt into a round shape about the size you want your rose to be.
  • Place a drop of glue in the middle of the felt circle. Attach the tulle strip by sticking the end of material down into the glue.
  • Run the adhesive along the edges of the material and roll the fabric around right on top. Continue with glue, placing the fabric around. When you run out of the material, then just glue the end down and start with the new strip.
  • Continue sticking the fabric until the edges of the circle get covered for entirely. When it’s done, just trim the dot tulle fabric off and glue down on the back.
  • Add some more glue in the center of the circle and paste pearls on it. You can also take colorful rhinestones instead of beads.

Steps to Make Rolly Rosette with Tulle Fabric

So, following these tips and instructions, you can easily create a Rolly Rosette in easy steps.

a Beautiful DIY Rolly Rosette with Tulle Fabric

Ribbons are a versatile fabric, used to make the thing looks more extravagant. One can find the different types of ribbons on the market ranging from colors to fabric, such as:

  • Satin ribbons: Satin ribbons possess smooth and silky touch and can be either double-faced or single faced. These ribbons are versatile and available in many colors and sizes. These are commonly used for dressmaking, scrapbooking, card making, gift wrapping, ribbon flowers, etc.
  • Velvet ribbons: If you want to add luxury to your craft, then velvet ribbons are your savior. It comes in vibrant shades. Its one side is plain and on another hand the plush texture gives an elegant feel. It is perfect for dressmaking, seasonal decor, and weddings.
  • Mesh ribbon: This ribbon is in the mesh form, the fabric is like plastic with an open weave. Navy blue mesh ribbon is perfect for making bows, flowers, gift wrapping, wreath, etc.

Buy only premium quality of tulle fabric for getting efficient finish and charming decorations and craft creation. You can find a wide range of shades, patterns and sizes, and can buy according to your need, like ribbon by the yard, and so.

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