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How to Make a Basic Hair Bow?



Everyone loves styling and these days’ hair bows are an in-thing to add glam to the look. From the cute little girl to a teenager, this accessory makes a perfect choice when it comes to a great go-to hairstyle. These accessories are available at a high price in the market. But, there is no need to spend so much money when you can create your hair bows.


Before moving ahead, here is a list of supplies that you’ll require: 

Grosgrain Polka Dot Ribbon  


Steps to Create Your Hair Bows

Step 1: Cover the Clip

Reach out 4 inches of your 3/8" yellow colored grosgrain polka dot ribbon. Push the ends of the alligator clip evenly and pull out the ribbon from the middle of the prongs to the backside. Now, close the clip.

Step 2: Affix the Ribbon to the Clip

Now, you need to apply hot glue to the top and fix the ribbon to the alligator clip.

Step 3: Finish Coating the Clip

Continue to post the hot glue end to end on the clip, but one side at a time and simultaneously employing ribbon as you go. When you reach the lowest point of the clip exterior, open the clip and glue to paste the rest of the ribbon inside the clip. By following this, your entire clip will be completely lined up. 

Step 4: Time to make a 2 inch Bow

Measure out 12 inches of your 7/8" red colored grosgrain polka dot ribbon.

Step 5: Fold Your Ribbon

This move is a little tricky as you need to fold the ribbon in a circle form but leaving half of the previous fold. Fold it thrice in an equal diameter visibly leaving the earlier circle.    

Step 6: Line the Folded Ribbon with Thread

As you have given a three circle fold to your ribbon, add clips to both ends to secure that your fold stays in place. Thread your needle and start sewing the pieces together from the middle.

Step 7: Loop Once, Tie Twice

As you have threaded the piece, just add a loop to the center and tie it again and again. Here, comes the perfect shape of your bow. Now it’s time to add a final touch.

Step 8: Make a Knot and Complete the Bow

Take another piece of 3/8" yellow colored grosgrain polka dot ribbon (length as required) and form a knot.  Place that knot in the middle of the front part of the bow and glue the ends behind to ensure that it stays in place.

Step 9: Attach the Alligator Clip

Attach the bow to the already lined up alligator clip with the help of hot glue. 

Your lovely hair bow clip is ready!

Enjoy making a variety of bow hair clips by using different colors and sizes of grosgrain polka dot ribbon and stay fashionable with easy to make accessories.  

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