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How to Make Beautiful Organza Flowers in Easy Steps


Organza is a beautiful fabric which is used for many purposes. Out of all the different craft and project ideas, organza flowers are one of the most creative and elegantly beautiful objects, specific to enhance the overall beauty of any event or premise. The organza flowers are great for decorating, enhancing clothing and making craft projects.

This DIY blog will teach you how to make these flowers with cheap organza fabric hassle-free. So, given below are the few necessary steps to make the beautiful flowers:

  1. Choose the Color: Generally, ideal colors of flowers are the vivid shades of pinks and reds, but a seeker can also choose yellow or shimmer colored fabric for a different effect.
  2. Cut the strip to about 8inches (20cm) long: If the strip is shorter, then it is harder to work with, and if it is longer, there will be extra ribbon that is required for making a rose. Note that since you will cut the ribbon again after the completion of rose, you can skip this step to avoid wasting lengths of ribbon.
  3. Fold the ribbon over itself at the halfway mark to form a corner.
  4. Fold the bottom strand of ribbon over the central overlappings. Now, you can see the other strand at the bottom.
  5. Keep folding each bottom strand over the central folds until you have a stack of squares. Alternate folds until the stack have got some thickness or the ribbon is almost finished.
  6. Pinch the two loose ribbon ends together between your thumb and index finger. If you are bothering about the stack of squares, then don’t worry because they’re folded together, they will simply stretch out in a proper manner.
  7. Grab any loose end of the ribbon and start pulling it out of the folded accordion. Ensure that the other end is not in a motion as you pull. This will bunch the folds of the accordion closely together, creating a little knot of petals. Keep pulling until you have acquired the desirable size of the rose, but don’t forget if you pull too far, the folds will pop right out and the rose will be undone.
  8. Carefully tie a knot at the back of the rose and cut the excess ribbon which will probably help in flipping the rose over with one finger while tying the knot. Again, do not pull the strands too hard or you will undo the petal folds.

An individual can make this type of flower with ribbons rolls as well. In the market, one can easily find the several types of ribbons at cost-proficient prices. From craft-making to decoration, they are taken in use widely.

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