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How to Make Classy DIY Ruffled Satin Flower


Hello again, in this article, you will learn how to make these beautiful, sophisticated Ruffled Satin Flowers using this DIY tutorial by simple design bows. The instructions are so simple, and the results are gorgeous! But the hardest part is to decide what color of double face satin ribbon you want to use.

Now here comes the Ruffled Satin Flower Tutorial:

The supplies you have to use to make these flowers are listed below.

  • 1 ½” Double Face Satin Ribbon (approx. 2 ½” yards)
  • Felt Circle
  • Mini Starlight
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Hair Clip
  • Hi-Temp Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Step 1: Very first step start by closing the end of your ribbon using your preferred method like using a lighter the best. If you need instructions on how to do this, then you should follow all these steps accordingly.

Step 2: Thread your needle. You like to join three loops at the end so that it won’t slip through your needle hole. Fold your ribbon in half and bring the needle up from the back.

Step 3: Now start to stitch your fabric. Don’t worry about making them even. It won’t matter in the end.

Step 4: It is easier to keep a few stitches on the needle before bringing the thread all the way through. Once your needle gets “full,” bring the thread through, and continue taking up stitches. Your ribbon will start to ruffle. As you go, keep pushing your ribbon down. You want a tight ruffle.

Step 5: Once you get to the end of your ribbon, take a pair stitches and tie it off. You can trim the end so that it has a straight finish.

Step 6: Cover the end of your ribbon and start making one end of your ruffle into the center of a flower.

Step 7: Keep covering the ruffles around the back, frequently making the flower larger. Un-twist the ruffles, so the gathered edge is on the inside as you make your circle with a bit of glue.

Step 8: 2 ½” yards of ribbon that gives you enough ruffles for an approximate 3” finished flower.

Step 9: Fold the ribbon end to the back of the flower with glue. Now fill the whole back of the flower with hot glue. You will feel it gives stability to the flower once it dries, plus creates a flat surface to glue the felt onto. Once the glue is dry, add a felt circle to the back for a proficient finish.

Step 10: Line your hair clip, and glue onto the back of the flower that would also make a beautiful brooch!

There you have it your Ruffled Satin Flower. You can also make some mini one also according to your requirements like with smaller ribbon width, cluster them together. There are so many possibilities that you can try with this double face satin ribbon.

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