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How to Make Deco Mesh Carrot in Easy & Quick Steps


Easter and spring are about to arrive, so the deco mesh carrots hanging on the entrance door will definitely look welcoming and beautiful. If you are wondering to create them for your home, you can easily do that in simple steps.

Given below is the easy DIY of dangling carrots that are made up using deco poly mesh, wire and ribbon.

How to Make Deco Mesh Carrot 1

For making deco mesh carrots, one needs to have metallic orange deco poly mesh roll, metallic emerald green deco mesh roll, metallic moss apple deco mesh roll, Gold floral wire, aluminium craft wire and wire cutters.

Make Deco Mesh Carrot



  1. Cut two pieces of the aluminium craft wire. Both the wires should be of different size; one should be twice as long as the other. You should make the two wires 18" and 36" long, give or take a few inches. The finished wire carrot frame just has to fit within the 21-inch wide deco mesh.
  2. Fold the long wire in half and make a point at the bend for the carrot’s point. For making the top of the carrot, connect the two loose ends by wrapping the wire ending points around each other. Push the wire form into a carrot shape.
  3. If you wish to make the 3D carrot instead of flat, then use the short length of wire and attach it lengthwise to the carrot shape. It should stand up a few inches higher than the flat carrot shape.
  4. One will eventually require short length wire ties to attach the deco mesh to this carrot frame. Use the thinner floral wire and cut a tulle fabric about 3-inch pieces wide. It should be wide enough to go around the front of the carrot. With the mesh placed curl side up, put the wire frame inside the curl.
  5. Starting at the carrot tip, use pieces of the floral wire you cut to join the mesh to the wire frame. Start working from the back of the carrot, and poke the floral wire through the layers of mesh and around the wire frame. Twist the floral wire to secure the connection. Go back and forth from each side.
  6. Add more floral wire where needed. Tuck the extra mesh under the middle wire frame. You can also tie some floral wire across the back to help make the form hard and stable. Trim the excess wire sticking out.
  7. To make the green tops of the carrot, use the two rolls of the emerald and moss/apple 10” full deco mesh, cut its square shaped pieces and place them curl side up.
  8. Tie the centre of the mesh with a length of floral wire. The wire should be about 2-inches from the bunched tip. Then tie all four sprays together to make one bigger bunch. Now attach the bunch to the top of the carrot by using floral wire.

 Deco Mesh Carrot

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