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How to Make DIY Knotted Baby Head Tie by Using Ribbons


Add a dressy look with a simple hair accessory like a knotted baby head tie or something else. Hair accessories come in an exciting range of options like from hair clips to jaw claws and crystal tiaras. Wedding hair accessories must be selected according to the gown and the hairstyle.

Baby Head Tie

I am sure that you all have seen these cute knotted headbands that seem to be the latest style trend for baby girls! If you want to make these knotted hairbands on your own, then read this article that shows you how to make these hairbands. These headbands are so cute for babies up to adults! Here some steps of DIY Knotted Baby Head Tie Tutorial with Free Pattern.

  1. Materials and accessories that you need to make these hairbands are

Baby Head Tie Pattern, Old Tee Shirt or Knit Fabric, Sewing materials and grosgrain ribbon with baby design and ribbon color dots that used to give an elegant look to the band.

  1. First of all, you have to start out by printing this Free Pattern so that you can cut it out and tape the two pieces together!
  2. You can use old t-shirts with the cute pattern for this project, or you can also purchase knit fabric, and it will work just the same. If you are using a tee shirt, then make sure the side seam of the shirt is smoothed out and perfectly straight, after that place the pattern on the doubled layer. If you are using fabric, fold in half and put the pattern on the fold.
  3. Unfold the pieces and place them out and place one piece on top of the other with right sides facing each other.
  4. You have to use swing machine for zig-zag stitch at 1/4 inch around the headband pieces. Make sure to back stitch and leave about a half inch opening to turn the headband right side out. The pattern has marked where this opening should be.
  5. The opening should be just on the curve before the gurgled end of the headband. Turn the headband right side through the small opening that you left.
  6. You don’t need to worry about closing the small opening you used for turning the headband. It is placed in such a way so that it ends up in the knot! You can use grosgrain ribbon with the baby design that used to give an elegant look to the band.
  7. Shape the headband and pull all the seams to the edge. Press with an iron then believes the difference it makes!
  8. Now tie the headband into a knot using the indents before the bubbled end as your guide for where to place the knot.

And there you have this knotted hairbands by using stylish and unique ribbons with baby design and color dots. This is such a fun little project to add a little something to your child’s wardrobe!

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