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How to make Kanzashi Flower using Grosgrain Ribbon


Kanzashi are defined as the hair ornaments used in Japanese hairstyles. A kanzashi flower is traditionally made from folded cloth. You can use these flowers for hair clips, headbands, to decorate frames, and even create floral centrepieces.

make Kanzashi Flower using Grosgrain Ribbon

Here, we will learn how to make a Kanzashi Flower using a grosgrain ribbon. Materials required to make the flower are mentioned below:

Steps to make the flower:

How to make Kanzashi Flower

  1. Take the ribbon and fold it across the breadth to acquire a triangle and with that as a template cut it out into square pieces. The number of sections you require will depend on the width of the ribbon that is broader ribbon will make lesser squares.
  2. Fold the square into a triangle first and bring together the corners on the hypotenuse to the third corner.
  3. Now, fold this shape again along the newly formed corner and the gathered edge.
  4. Cut out the gathered edges so that when you stick the petals together, it naturally acquires the shape of a circle. The more you chop out, the smaller will be your kanzashi ribbon flower and the lesser petals you will need per flower.
  5. Do not forget to secure the cut edges by using a light or candle flame.
  6. Your petal for the kanzashi flower is ready except that the flower will have a valley in the middle when you put your petals together. The more you cut, the tighter/smaller your petal will look so chop according to that.
  7. Now your petals are all set, apply hot glue on the sides of each petal and paste them collectively to form a ring of petals which will appear a flower in any case.
  8. Paste your favourite bead/button/anything at the centre with glue.

Kanzashi Flowers Basket

If you do not want to use grosgrain, then you can also use some other type of ribbon. You can easily find different types of ribbons wholesale in the market, but make sure to pick a quality and reliable provider.

Whether you want 6 inch satin ribbon or 4 inch gingham design ribbon, you can get every type of ribbon in the market that can help you in your flower DIY process, and any other DIY that you have in your mind to create. If you do not want to go to the market, then you can order the ribbons from the online portal as well at cost proficient price.

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