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How to Make Sleepy Eye Mask with Organza Fabric


Nowadays, most of you not get the suggested 7 to 9 hours sleep at night. With improper sleep, efficient you can face many problems related to bodies and brains. So, if you want to get the solution associated with these issues then sleeping masks are an efficient solution in front of you. For making sleepy eye mask, you can use organza fabric bolt (10 &25 yards) which are available in the market with many beautiful colors like apple green, black, ivory, lavender, light blue, pink, orange and in many more colors.

Now, let’s discuss the method by which you can easily make eye mask for you.


  • Need two complementary colors of organza fabric bolt (10 &25 Yards)
  • Sewing machine and accessories.
  • Cotton weaving thread
  • Weaving needle
  • 15 inches of 1/4″ elastic
  • Tiny pom-pom trim
  • Dry Lavender
  • Glue Gun
  • Pinchers
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin
  • You can take sleepy eye mask template ( for making right design)


  1. For creating beautiful and right sleepy eye mask you need to download and print the sleepy eye mask template. Remove along the dark line. Stick one of your shades of fabric and slice the texture to coordinate the format. Repeat with the other shading.
  2. Remove a segment of fabric that is 1/2″ x 34″ then fold it in half lengthwise and pin all the way across.
  3. Then stitch a 1/4" ruffle along the open edge of the long portion of fabric.
  4. Now flip the tube of fabric right side out, and you can also use the pinchers. It will help you to pull fabric from inside to outside. For this work you need to patience because it can take time.
  5. You should pinch a safety pin to one end of the elastic and then insert it into the one end of the fabric tube. Continue working with the elastic until you can see elastic on both ends of the fabric tube.
  6. Then sew the elastic to the fabric at both ends of the tube.
  7. For making closed eyelashes cut two lengths of half an inch from your mini pom-pom trim. Twig the pieces to the front side of your eye mask piece with the help of glue-gun.
  8. Put the finishes of the elastic strap on the front of the eye mask piece, with the closures indicating outward and even with the edges. With the sewing machine tack the ends of the elastic down with a few stitches.
  9. Place both sides of your eye mask together; stitch a straight line all around the edges, leaving a 2″ open gap directly over the nose region of the cover.
  10. Now fill an open hole of the mask with dried lavender.
  11. Close the hole in the mask with the help of needle and thread.


Now, you’re off to dreamland! Your beautiful sleepy eye mask with the lovely smell of lavender is ready for you to take beauty rests in a proper way.

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