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How to Use Silk Flower Petals Around Your Wedding?

How to Use Silk Flower Petals Around Your Wedding?

If you're electing for a simple or a green wedding reception, this could be helpful to you. Using artificial flower petals for embellishment around the entrance gate just above the arch would provide your decoration with quite an elegant touch. You can pick the flower petals with coordinated colors with the entrance.

For instance, the blend of white, pink, and green looks wonderful with the white gate. It is ideal to find one of the best wedding supplies suppliers for buying flower girl baskets, ring bearer pillows, silk flower petals, organza bags, lace garter, reception guestbook, wedding cake topper, wedding invitation, and many others at reasonable prices. Below, I’m going to share some of the best uses for silk rose petals.

Uses for Silk Rose Petals

Silk rose petals can be used all over your wedding decoration. Often inexpensive than freeze-dried petals, and with no chance of hemorrhage onto wedding dress or portions like real petals, they create an inordinate option for accentuating wedding decorations. And unlike real petals, you do not have to be concerned about them wilting or turning dissimilar colors before you walk down the passageway.

Generally, petals are scattered about the walkway before the bride walks down. This can be completed by the flower girl as the portion of the processional, or by an attendant before the ceremony starts. Flower petals are frequently used as table decorations, encompassing reception centerpieces. Include the petals into other parts of your wedding, such as:

  • The Invitations: Place quite a lot of petals inside your invitations, making a cascade when the guests open them.
  • The Ceremony Exit: Have baskets of silk flower petals near the front of your wedding ceremony location. When you leave for the reception, visitors can toss them over you in place of birdseed or rice. Be sure to have somebody elected to pick up petals after you have left.
  • The Reception Centerpieces: You can also add petals not only on the table around the centerpiece but to the part itself. For instance, let petals float in a container of water together with rose-shaped floating candles.
  • The Cake and Table: It is also great to scatter petals around the cake table and even drip them over the topmost of the cake for a simple but graceful decoration.
  • The Favors: You can also use silk rose petals to beautify wedding favor boxes.

Make the most of your wedding ceremony budget and use flower petal accents throughout your wedding. Silk petals can also be used again and again for other functions such as the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner, a post-wedding brunch, or several other decorations.

Buying Silk Flower Petals for Weddings

Shop for silk flower petals at an online craft and décor store, such as Buying silk flower petals from online suppliers can make them even more reasonable. At, we have the best assortment of silk rose flower petals wholesale, perfect for all occasions, themes, and floral adornments. We provide rose petals in a wide collection of colors like apple green, gold, ivory, lavender, light blue, black, brown, aqua blue, fuchsia, mauve, orange, silver, red, and many more.

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