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5 Easy Steps to Make Gorgeous Flowers at Home Using Ribbons


Ribbon flowers are a great way to add a fun factor to your headscarf, headband, wall art, hair bows, and many other accessories. Craft lovers can invest their quality time in creating something interesting using ribbons. Parents can spend an exciting afternoon with their kids and craft special items for them with a bunch of ribbons.

 5 Easy Steps to Make Gorgeous Flowers at Home Using Ribbons

It is perfect to take an afternoon off to construct a bouquet of ribbon flowers with the help of our step-by-step tutorial. Cheap wired ribbon is extremely versatile and amazing craft material for all your creative ideas. So without wasting any further time, gather your material and let’s get started with DIY ribbon flowers.

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Materials Required:

  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Ribbons (Satin, Grosgrain, or any other of your choice) – 5/8 inches
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Buttons

Suggestion: It is a wise decision to buy canvas ribbon at wholesale rates to craft creative projects on budget.


Step 1: Cut the Ribbon

Start with cutting the 6 to 8 strips of ribbon in equal lengths. Cut a long piece of ribbon for big-sized flowers. Also, make sure to cut the number of strips to add great volume to your flowers. Don’t forget to purchase bulk ribbon in various patterns and colors to create appealing flowers.

Step 2: Secure the Petals

Each piece of ribbon will form two beautiful flower petals. Now apply the hot glue in the middle of the ribbon, then fold its ends and secure it well. If you’re using a satin ribbon or patterned ribbons, make sure that its decorated side is facing out while pasting it.

Step 3: Assemble the Flowers

Now collect your flower petals and assemble it one on top of the other. Then put glue in between the petals to secure it properly. Keep on stacking until you’ve achieved your desired flower volume or fullness.

Step 4: Final Adjustments

Loosen your petals slightly to make your flowers look bountiful. Also, make the final adjustments to your petal placement and length. Also, put an extra dot of glue to hold all things in place.

Step 5: Finish With a Button

Now add a colorful button to complement the center area of your flower even more. This is a great way to use leftover buttons that have been accumulating dust in your sewing box. You can even try out beads or pebbles instead of buttons.

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With all the finishing touches, your DIY ribbons flowers are all set to enhance the beauty of your accessories and gift wrapping. These will also look adorable on embroidered headbands and work as a little magnet on your fridge.

Wholesale ribbon suppliers offer premium quality ribbons in an assortment of textures, patterns, sizes, and colors at affordable prices. You can obtain a large selection of ribbons like grosgrain, satin, organza, and more to create your craft projects without spending a lot of money.

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