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How to Make DIY Swappable Flower Cluster Wreath 0

In today’s era, you will understand that with so many gorgeous, fun and fabulous ribbons, gems, tulle fabrics and more you can make your craft work an amazing project.

Tulle is known to be a mesh-like material that differs about its stiffness because of the different types of weaves and fibres. You can use these tulle fabrics to make a variety of outfits such as a wedding gown, veil, and ballet tutu skirt. So, earn the hard part out of your creating and tulle fabrics for your project to make DIY swappable flower cluster wreath. 

How to Make Classy DIY Ruffled Satin Flower 0

Hello again, in this article, you will learn how to make these beautiful, sophisticated Ruffled Satin Flowers using this DIY tutorial by simple design bows. The instructions are so simple, and the results are gorgeous! But the hardest part is to decide what color of double face satin ribbon you want to use.

How to Make a Tiny Owl Wreath with the Help of Grosgrain Ribbon 0

Many of you don’t know about the uses of the ribbons. Ribbons considered being first preference when it comes to wrapping and decorating gifts or anything. They are easy to work with and offer an appealing appearance to the covered object as they are a resourceful fabric. There are lots of uses of ribbons such as hair can also be tied with the help of ribbons; animals can be made to look adorable with ribbons. Grosgrain Ribbons are these days widely used arts and crafts purposes such as trimming, book bags, scrapbooking, purses, bow making, etc.

In this article, you will learn how to make a tiny owl wreath with the help of grosgrain ribbons. Maybe you don’t know about this grosgrain and organza ribbons, but if someone pointed it out to you, you might recognize it. Well, one of the primary uses of these ribbons is in scrapbooking as it is thick and easy to glue and stick kind of fabric.