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If you want to add actual talent to your occasion, don’t forget to use these beautiful wired gingham ribbons. At, we have superior quality of gingham ribbon wired edge, the stylish ribbon famous for its quality, which is made of 100% polyester. 10 yards spool can be used whenever a traditional plus bright look is required.  The texture and colors are available in various forms like red, pink; blue that makes your special occasions grand and delightful. Along with these it can also be used for wrapping gifts and party backdrop decoration. Wholesale offers are also available and discounts also.

Don’t forget to take the advice of the professional experts whether it is wedding or any event. has a gigantic variety of colors and styles by which you can choose according to your requirements. With our Wired Gingham Ribbons, you will add a sense of fun to your most important occasions.

Gingham Ribbon Wired Edge 1-1/2 Inch x 10 Yards

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