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Ribbon Questions

Many questions that arise in customers mind like:

  • What is the difference between single face satin ribbon and double face satin ribbon?
Single face satin ribbon implies one side of the ribbon is shiny while the other side is dull; double face satin means both sides are shiny.
  • Is the quality of your sheer ribbon good?
Our premium quality sheer ribbon has gleaming appearance, rich in shading feel and better bundling looked at than numerous different sellers on the web. Every roll has an interesting scanner tag for stock control reason. Numerous enterprises have utilized our strip for its predominant quality. Our sheer ribbon’s quality is superior to anything Sheer Ribbon. The majority of the sheer strips are made in Taiwan.

And many more questions like:

  • Do you sell ribbons by yard?
We are satisfied to offer personalizations on all wedding favors and ribbons.
  • Is the price for each yard?
No, we don't offer anything by yards; the costs you see will be for the entire spool/jolt.
  • Why spools/jolt says that it accompanies x measure of yards however I'm short.
The estimations are measured by Machines. Once in a while it will be somewhat off, however that is ordinary too. For instance, your 50 yard spool/jolt can accompany 46-55 yards. This goes for fabrics also.